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Renault Zoe Cabriolet

27, May 2013

Last week, Renault asks its Facebook fans if they would like a convertible Zoe. They even posted a rendering of a Zoe Cabriolet made by a Spanish fan. Here’s my idea of how it might look.

Renault Zoe

10, Apr 2012

I really like the design of Renault Zoe. Just isn’t sure of the colour, and the blue hue detailing (including the rear lights). I know it’s to emphasize this mini as an electric vehicle, but I like to see how it’ll look in some colour and more conventional design elements. I’m liking these.

Smart ForZoe

6, Apr 2011

We’ve already heard Renault will help Smart to develop the new Forfour using a modified version of the Clio II platform that underpins the Renault Twingo. So will the next Forfour be the Renault Zoe with Smart Forspeed styling?

Proton Saga GTi

28, Jan 2009