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Lancia Ypsilon Sedan

2, Jun 2011

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 21. I made the Ypsilon into a sedan as this can be sold in US as Chrysler, where the Americans prefer sedan body style. I doubt they will fit though.

Volkswagen Scirocco

27, Jul 2010

Last week when I commented on how my Volkswagen Caddy rendering from April very similar to the actual new Caddy, I wonder if Volkswagen is applying the “one face fits all” strategy to its cars’ styling. And if so how would they facelift the Scirocco. As a joke, I imagine Volkswagen got lazy, and just […]

Vokswagen Jetta

25, Jun 2010

Another pair of renderings to choose from. I set out wanting to make the Jetta more sporty or aggressive looking. And I’ve slap on the Scirocco front. So which do you guys prefer? Above or below?

Seat Ebro

28, Dec 2009

News has it that Seat is planning a coupe-like hatchback a la Scirocco to boost the brand’s image. According to Jan Lafrentz, the sales and marketing boss of Seat, “The design proposal for this car already exists, and they’re now only waiting for the green light.” Cool! Bobby, Wheels Weekly

Volkswagen Golf CC

3, Sep 2009

With BMW showing its 5 Series GT and Audi unveiling the new A5 Sportback, Volkswagen may be joining the fray as well with a baby brother to the slick Passat CC based on the Golf. Although some reports suggest that Wolfsburg could be preparing to unveil the new Golf CC at the Frankfurt Motor Show, […]

What do you guys think? I think the renderings are okay. But I don’t think Volkswagen will make a cabriolet out of the Scirocco since they’ve already have the Eos.

Volkswagen Rocco

24, May 2009

This is my entry for Car Spy Shots Photoshop Contest 12. This is my idea of a smaller Scirocco, little Rocco. And as always, I also rendered the rear.