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Youngman-Lotus L3 GT

8, May 2012

This should interest Proton Persona and Gen2 fans. At the recent Beijing Auto Show, Youngman-Lotus gave the L3 a mild facelift, with new grille and front bumper. More pictures available here. China Car Times also commented on the facelifted L3, “Only minor changes, including an uglier looking bumper and more unoriginal tail lights.”

Volvo C70

8, Jul 2010

Okay since I’ve already did a coupe version of the S60 which I named C60, I shall call this the C70. These renderings first appeared at Inside Line last Wednesday, and the car is named C60 there. Judging from most of the comments and feedback, these seem popular, except for the original S60 face.

Volvo C60

31, May 2010

Should this car should be named C70 or C60? The current C70 is a C-segment coupe-cabriolet, whereas the S60 is D-segment. Or should this be called C80? back in March 2009, I did RWD C90 coupe renderings, based on the S60 concept.