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Jaguar XJ Sportbrake

24, Jul 2012

Jaguar had toyed with the idea of wagon XJ before, but none ever enter production. With the new craze in shooting brakes, maybe Jaguar can now built the XJ Sportbrake.

Chevrolet Malibu Wagon

26, Apr 2011

So the new Malibu is meant as a global model for Chevrolet. Perhaps it will be available as an estate variant to sell better is Europe. Having said that, this is not the most refine rendering of how the Malibu Wagon could potentially look.

Audi Q3 with Clip

27, Apr 2009

In an official announcement released on 22 April, Audi has confirmed that it will build a Q3 crossover in Martorell, Spain in 2011. Described by Audi as “A coupé-like five-door SUV with seat positions, wheel size, and ground clearance characteristic of a typical SUV,” the Q3 is likely to look a lot like 2007’s Cross […]