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Volvo MPV

24, Apr 2015

I’ve always wondered why Volvo never consider making an MPV. Seeing how Renault Espace morphed into a crossover, I suppose Volvo foresee years ago that SUVs and crossovers will take over sales of wagons and MPVs. Still, I rendered these with reference to both Volvo XC90 and Volkswagen Sharan.

Volvo S90

21, Apr 2015

Do you agree that the new Volvo C Coupe GTE Concept can look like a Volvo?

Volvo 360 Wagon

12, Apr 2015

You know what? If I have the time, resources and place, I’d like to buy and restore a Volvo 340 or 360 sedan. I love the 240 but I always fancy a 340/360. I like that it’s tough and heavy. I like that it’s small and rear-wheel driven. I like that its gearbox that is […]

Volvo S80

6, Mar 2015

Volvo will launch the all-new S80 later this year. I wonder how much of the Volvo Concept Coupé will influence the design and styling of Volvo’s new flagship.

Volvo XT90

26, Sep 2014

Since I’ve disappointed myself by rendering something that’s already existed, here I present to you the truck version of the XC90, the XT90.

Volvo 240 Pickup

25, Sep 2014

I love the bomb-proof Volvo 240. And so I thought why not make a pickup out of it. After rendering these though, I found out there are already some custom 240 Pickups.

Volvo XC80

8, Sep 2014

I intended to render a Volvo coupe SUV to rival that of the BMW X6. Unfortunately it looks anything but a coupe.

Three days ago I posted a chopped Volvo Concept Shooting Brake by merging the Volvo Concept Coupe and Volvo Concept XC. Then earlier Volvo released a few teaser shots of their new concept to be unveiled in March’s Geneva Auto Show. Guess what? It is a shooting brake! Hmm…

Volvo V30

15, Dec 2013

Another set of “what if” renderings. What if Volvo made an Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf rival back in the 90s?

Volvo C70

1, Nov 2013

Motor Authority reported that Volvo is planning to replace the C70 with a folding hardtop base on the architecture and styling of the popular Concept Coupe. Please bring back RWD Volvos.