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Volkswagen E-Nardò

9, Feb 2011

This is my homage to the Volkswagen Nardò concept (with reference to the Nardò Ring track, near to the Italian city of Nardò). The concept car was first unveiled in 1997. Then in 2001, the more powerful W12 sports car concept known as the W12 Nardò (in bright orange) was unveiled at the that year’s […]

Audi A2

14, Jun 2010

Autocar reported that the Audi A2 will be an electric-only car when it is launched in 2012. The new A2’s styling will follow the template of its predecessor, with a tall one-box design and relatively narrow tracks. When I first saw the A2 rendering by Autocar, I laughed. I am now however, laughing at my […]

Volkswagen Czech-based subsidiary Škoda is reportedly considering adding an electric vehicle to its range of automobiles. As you would expect, Skoda’s electric car would be based on the upcoming Volkswagen Up!, which is itself slated to get an electric drivetrain by 2013 that promises to offer a range of 80 miles per charge of its […]

Volkswagen Upload

1, Oct 2009

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 14, a cargo van based on the Up, called Upload. And below, the rear Upload. That doesn’t sound right.

Audi A0 with Clip

28, Apr 2009

This is my idea of the Audi A0 (pronounced A-Oh, not A-Zero) mini-car that rivals Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ. View the following video to see additional renderings of the A0, and “transformation” from 2007’s Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept.

Okay, over the weekend I rendered the Volkswagen Bug, a baby brother of the Beetle, a city car similar in size to Fiat 500. The base car is Mitsubishi i-MiEV Sport Air Concept. When I first saw the i-MiEV Sport Air Concept, I immediately thought of the Beetle.

Volkswagen FuqUp

28, Jan 2009

VW rear-wheel coupe concept.