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Volkswagen Polo

11, Dec 2015

Here are my impressions of the next generation Volkswagen Polo. Not sure if I like the front rendering though.

Volkswagen Polo R

5, May 2014

In continuation with the facelifted Volkswagen Polo, here’s the revised R variant.

Volkswagen Polo GTi

4, May 2014

Volkswagen has given the Polo range a mid-life update, and this is how the GTi might look.

I have failed in rendering a fast Polo sedan. These kits looks so good on the hatchback!

Proton Sago

6, Mar 2012

So I read from Paul Tan’s blog that Volkswagen AG has identified the possibility of remodelling the Polo (sedan) as a Proton. I’m not sure if this is a good news for Proton, or a bad one for Volkswagen AG. As for the renderings, I referred to spy shots of the P3-21 seen running about […]

Skoda Rapid Hatchback

4, Feb 2012

So the Indian-market Skoda Rapid turns out to be the Polo Sedan with Fabia’s front. Before the Rapid was revealed, many had argued that the name Rapid (and its tradition) should be reserved to a coupe, or a fastback car. With that in mind, I wonder what if Skoda also sells the Polo hatch as […]

Volkswagen Polomera

12, Jul 2011

This rendering was first published in July issue of Torque magazine. It accompanied the article about ‘Mutant Models’, hence the name Polomera (Polo + Panamera)

Skoda Superb Combi

27, Jun 2009

The 3/4 front rendering is my entry for Photoshop Contest.  For the rear D-pillar, door and lights, I try to follow closely to the spy shots seen here. Do also check out my previous rendering of the Superb here.