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Hyundai Genesis Estate

28, May 2009

This is my idea of the estate version of Hyundai Genesis. I also gave it a better grille. Hyundai shouldn’t be ashamed to show its logo at the front. The Genesis is after-all a good car.

Aston Martin choose a peculiar spot to reveal its latest Aston Martin Lagonda concept car, this time in a sedan bodystyle. While the first Lagonda Concept SUV got a Geneva debut, this concept was unveiled at last week‘s 2009 Bangkok Motor Show, and I was there! Details are scarce but with Aston Martin’s V12 likely […]

2010 Kia Rio

23, Mar 2009

Here’s my renderings of the 2010 Kia Rio based on the Hyundai i20. Since I’ve already rendered the front for CarSpyShots Photoshop Contest, I might as well render the rear too.

Hyundai i0

4, Feb 2009

Hyundai has made plans to produce a Toyota iQ rival that could be on sale by next year. The project became clear after Hyundai’s R&D department was instructed to accelerate development of a ‘green baby’. A European Hyundai source suggested that Hyundai’s car would differ from the iQ by being funkier and perhaps more basic […]

Hyundai Coupe

28, Jan 2009

This was my last entry for Photoshop Contest in 2008.