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Volkswagen Alto

24, Oct 2010

Autocar reported that, “VW and Suzuki are discussing rebadging the latest Alto as a Volkswagen”. Hence these renderings. I had previously rendered the Suzuki Wagon R-based Volkswagen that you can check out here.

Audi Quattro

12, Oct 2010

According to Autocar, “Audi is working on an engineering plan that will allow it to turn its spectacular Paris show-stopping Quattro Concept into a production vehicle.” Well, if I could, I’d have mine in these colour combination. I have also submitted the rendering below for Photoshop Contest 30.

2012 Audi A6

4, Sep 2010

These renderings first appeared in insideline a week ago. Editor Ed Hellwing believes, “This is as close as you’re going to get to the 2012 Audi A6 for awhile.” Besides using the A7 images as a base for the renderings, I also referred and observed closely to spy shots of the A6 test mules. But […]

BMW 5-Series Liftback

28, Aug 2010

Remember I rendered the Audi A7 Sportback Allroad Quattro recently cause I want Audi to challenge the BMW 5-Series GT? Well, here’s if BMW decided to fight back, with not the GT, but a 5-Series Liftback. I think it looks better than the GT, more so than Porsche Panamera. But Audi A7 still looks better.

An Audi to rival BMW 5-Series GT – I think it looks better than the BMW GT.

Audi A7 Coupe

4, Aug 2010

I think it looks alright, even better than the Sportback. This will be a good rival to the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class (no, the E-Class Coupe is too small, afterall that’s C-Class-based) and BMW’s next 6-Series.

Audi A1 Coupe

9, Jul 2010

Remember last year’s Mini Coupe Concept? Mini is now rushing for the Coupe to production for sales early next year. But I have a feeling Audi isn’t going to let Mini have the premium mini coupe segment to itself. Enter the A1 Coupe.

Volkswagen Phaeton

30, Jun 2010

According to Autocar, Volkswagen will tailor the next generation of the car to the US and China market. Autocar also reported Volkswagen is considering a number of options for the car’s underpinnings; extended version of the Audi A6 that’s sold in China, or even the Audi A8’s aluminium platform. So my renderings are based on […]

Audi A2

14, Jun 2010

Autocar reported that the Audi A2 will be an electric-only car when it is launched in 2012. The new A2’s styling will follow the template of its predecessor, with a tall one-box design and relatively narrow tracks. When I first saw the A2 rendering by Autocar, I laughed. I am now however, laughing at my […]

According to a report by China Car Times, BMW-Brilliance are planning to set up a new factory in Shengyang which will produce a stretched BMW 3-Series to take on the China-only Audi A4L. So these are my impressions of the 3-Series LWB, with wheelbase stretched by about 100 mm. On a side note, do you […]