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Will Volkswagen consider making the Golf Sportsvan GTi? Is there a market for a fast MPV?

Somehow I don’t quite like these renderings. I don’t know if that’s due to the shape, the proportion, or the size of those rear side doors. But hey, it’s Friday, so TGIF!

Decided to do a proper coupe for the Jetta. Much like what the Scirocco is for Golf. For this Jetta Coupe, I referred to the shape of Audi Sport Quattro Concept.

Volkswagen Polo R

5, May 2014

In continuation with the facelifted Volkswagen Polo, here’s the revised R variant.

Volkswagen Polo GTi

4, May 2014

Volkswagen has given the Polo range a mid-life update, and this is how the GTi might look.

Volkswagen Tiguan

1, May 2014

Here’s how I imagine the second generation Volkswagen Tiguan will look like base on the T-Roc concept.

Volkswagen Jetta CC

25, Apr 2014

I guess in darker colours, the New Midsize Coupe Concept can look sleek. But certainly not a coupe, no matter what Volkswagen wants us to think. Well here I’ve productionised that concept as the Jetta CC, with more realistic (smaller) wheels, rear tail lights, rear diffuser, and front bumper. I believe my previous Golf CC […]

Volkswagen Golf

22, Mar 2014

A disappointing attempt in rendering the next generation Volkswagen Golf based on the Italdesign Giugiaro Clipper concept.

Volkswagen Touran

1, Oct 2013

  Just a thought. Why not make a bigger Golf Sportsvan (Golf Plus) as a replacement for the dated Touran?

Volkswagen has come up with many variants of the Up!. From Buggy Up!, Cross Up!, e-Up! and Load-Up!; to Fuq-Up! and Pick-Up!. And now Volkswagen will launch a wind-powered variant, call Wind-Up!