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Volkswagen Phaeton

27, Oct 2015

Despite the recent diesel scandal, Volkswagen is still determine to launch a new generation of Phaeton in two to three years time. Will it look like these renderings? I rendered these by clothing the Volkswagen C Coupe GTE body onto the shell of Audi A8.

Volkswagen Amarok

3, Aug 2015

Renderings of second generation Volkswagen Amarok with reference to the Crossblue Concept.

This is my idea for the Volkswagen Eos replacement, rendered here in the form of Sport Cabriolet Concept GTE. I read somewhere that if Volkswagen replaces the Eos, it will ditch the foldable hard-top mechanism for a simpler cloth roof.

Thought I make a wagon out of the Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept. If the C Coupe GTE previews the new Phaeton, these renderings previews the Phaeton Variant.

Volkswagen Corrado

29, Apr 2015

This is my second time trying to render a replacement for the Volkswagen Scirocco. Both times, I based my renderings on the Audi Sport Quattro Concept. This time I also used design elements seen on the Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept. Lastly I thought I bring back the Corrado name.

Volkswagen Microbus

26, Apr 2015

When Volkswagen revealed the 6th generation Transporter, they shot a photo of the two-tone T6 with the original Microbus. This got me thinking about a different T6 with front design of the Volkswagen Bulli Concept from 2011, as a more appropriate homage to the Microbus. Maybe Volkswagen can consider this as a optional front for […]

Volvo S90

21, Apr 2015

Do you agree that the new Volvo C Coupe GTE Concept can look like a Volvo?

Like the previous generation of the Touran, will Volkswagen launch a new CrossTouran?

With the Volvo S60 Cross Country creating a new niche, will Volkswagen follow suit with a Passat Alltrack Sedan?

Will Volkswagen build a Variant version of the Lamando? I think it looks pretty good.