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Volkswagen has come up with many variants of the Up!. From Buggy Up!, Cross Up!, e-Up! and Load-Up!; to Fuq-Up! and Pick-Up!. And now Volkswagen will launch a wind-powered variant, call Wind-Up!

Volkswagen Pick Up!

29, Feb 2012

Here’s something fun stupid for Wednesday. Hope these two renders bring you some laughter. P.S. Happy Leap Day.

Skoda Citigo Scout

1, Feb 2012

This is my idea of the Scout variant of Skoda Citigo. Besides adding Citigo’s front and rear design styling to the Volkswagen Cross Up Concept, I’ve also given the Scout some RS touches, such as black roof and mirror housings, and RS wheels. It also has the sporty yellow hue what I think works well […]

Volkswagen COup-E

14, Oct 2011

Remember the Volkswagen Up Lite Concept? Well, given how close the production Up looks to the Up Concept, I imagine these as the production Up Lite Concept, and names it as COup-E. It will be Volkswagen’s compact electric coupe. To render the COup-E, I’ve given the Up Lite Concept a production side skirts, revised front […]

Skoda Citigo

30, Sep 2011

According to Autocar, Skoda technical chief Eckhard Scholz said a fivefour-door version of the Citigo, previewed by the Volkswagen Cross Up at the recent Frankfurt motor show, would be “the most important” of the new cars. He also said of the Citigo, “The three-door looks good, but the four-door is even better in my opinion.”

Volkswagen Fuq Up!

16, Sep 2011

Sorry guys, been busy at work hence the lack of (quality) renderings. Wanted to render a sporty Up! roadster. It ends up looking… well… as the name suggest, fuq up.

I remember reading somewhere there’ll be SEAT and Skoda versions of the Up!. And these are my attempts in rendering the other two of the Up! triplets.

Nissan Versa

7, Aug 2009

When I first saw the new Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, it crossed my mind that this car could eventually be the next Versa/Tiida. But it also looks strangely familiar. Now, unless they mention Princess Leia or Queen Amidala (without the Geisha make-up), it is not, I repeat, it is NOT a compliment if a car […]

Nissan Tiida Sport

5, Aug 2009

Here’s my idea of a 3-door Tiida/Versa. I used styling elements first seen on the Nissan Sport Concept from 2005.