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Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were featured in The Motor Report a month ago, accompanying an article about the possible return of the Corolla Sprinter variant.

Follow-up to yesterday’s attempt in rendering the Corolla Hatchback. I personally prefer this over the Auris.

Obviously many would ask, why render a hatchback variant of the European Corolla, when that continent already has the Auris. Well, I just feel the Euro-spec Corolla looks good, and its hatchback variant might be a worthy alternative to volkswagen Golf, than the Auris. Anyway, I seek everyone’s help here. If you know where I […]

Toyota Corolla

9, Jun 2013

This is it, the US Corolla is finally revealed after numerous leaks and striptease. Seems less awkward than the Furia concept. Glad my renderings aren’t too far off the final version. Concept Rendering Actual Images may not be re-posted without permission.

Toyota Corolla Furia

22, Feb 2013

Above renderings were featured in Paul Tan’s blog a month ago. Basically I “productionised” the Furia Concept with production trims. The renderings were completed before images of the actual all-new 2014 Corolla were leaked.

Toyota Corolla

25, Aug 2012

These renderings debuted three days ago at Paultan. According to Toyota and Scion USA vice president Bill Fay, Toyota will unveil the next generation Toyota Corolla next year, and the sedan’s styling will be a clear departure from the outgoing model. Could these renderings represent the next generation Toyota Corolla?

Toyota Corolla Altis

18, May 2012

Many are disappointed by the looks of the new Corolla Axio. Since 2000, the Japan domestic market Axio is commonly known as Corolla Altis for the rest of Asia and most part of the American continent. I hope the next Corolla Altis isn’t a re-bagde Axio. Anyway its weakest design area is the rear, and […]

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