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Toyota CH-R

30, Jan 2016

An attempt to productionise the Toyota CH-R Concept.

Mazda BT-50

21, Nov 2015

as read in, the next Mazda BT-50 pick-up truck might be based on the Toyota Hilux. I rendered this by clothing the Mazda CX9 onto the Hilux with additional revision to the front grille and bumper.

Toyota S-FR Roadster

25, Oct 2015

When I first saw the Toyota S-FR concept, checking its dimensions, I immediately thought of a roadster rival to the Mazda MX-5 Miata. While it remains to be seen if Toyota will put this S-FR into production, it will be nice to for Toyota to have a spiritual successor to the 1965 Toyota Sports-800 and […]

Toyota Crown Classic

6, Sep 2015

There used to be a lot of 8th generation Toyota Crown used as taxis in Singapore. I like that car’s 3-box design. I also really like the new Land Cruiser 200 facelift, and been wondering how a new Crown Classic will look with the SUC’s front fascia. Here I applied that to the Lexus LS […]

Lexus LXT

29, Aug 2015

Just a quick rendering of adding Lexus LX’s front onto Toyota Tacoma. Guess what the T in the LXT name represents.

Toyota Supra

23, Jul 2015

By productionising the Toyota FT-1 Concept, I wonder if this is how the new Supra will look.

Toyota Fortuner Coupe

21, Jul 2015

These renderings of Toyota Fortuner Coupe will annoy the hell out of many people.

Remember that Face/Off movie where characters portrayed by Nicholas Cage and John Trovolta swapped face? Now here’s the Toyota Hilux wearing the Fortuner face, and wise-versa. Along with the upcoming Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, it seems SUV counterpart of pick-up trucks get better looking front fascia. I guess you can tell what my next Face/Off project […]

I’m quite disappointed with these renderings actually. In fact I’m rather angry with how bad these renderings ended up looking. Judging by how the newer Perodua Axia and Myvi look, I believe Perodua will have a well-designed sedan for the market.

Lexus RX 2016

31, Dec 2014

According to WorldCarFans, Lexus has already announced plans to introduce the redesigned RX at the North American International Auto Show. Is it going to be a Toyota Harrier with Lexus’ spindle grille as depicted in this rendering?