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BMW 5-Series Touring

14, Oct 2016

Now that the much anticipated BMW 5-Series (G30) has been revealed, the next popular variant, the 5-Series Touring, should appear in a few months time.

BMW 1-Series Touring

23, Dec 2011

Will this variant see the light?

BMW 3-Series Touring

29, Nov 2011

Here’s how I imagine the next 3-Series Touring might look. Maybe it’s a personal preference but I think the estate/wagon 3-Series looks better then the sedan.

Chrysler 200 Touring

4, Aug 2011

Here’s one way to sell the Chryser 200 in Europe, make it the Lancia Flavia SW. The estate shape gets rid of that awkward C-pillar too.

Hyundai Sonata Touring

18, Feb 2011

Am curious on how the European Hyundai i40 might look if it has the Sonata face. What do you guys think? Vote below. This mid-size Hyundai touring… should wear the Sonata face better with the i40 front don’t agree with either front design

BMW M3 Touring

4, Feb 2011

Autoblog reported a rumour that BMW may be considering an M3 Sportswagon, or Touring in BMW terms. Is it a little late to do an M3 Touring from the soon-to-be-replaced E93 3-Series? Well, look how long BMW to finally released the 1 Series M Coupe, or Audi with their RS3. I say build it! It’s […]

Chrysler 300 Touring

31, Dec 2010

Chopping the Chop

12, May 2009

While you may have seen the following Proton coupe rendering when it was posted here back in 27 January. Little did you know that was done some almost four years ago in May 2005! I kid you not. It was first posted in But did you know that besides rendering the above out of […]

According to China Car Times, Europestar’s China made RPC (Proton Gen2) has hit the streets of in China. The Chinese made RCR looks identical to the Malaysian made model, except for its updated front and rear. Personally, I think the RCR’s rear light cluster looks better than those of Gen2. It’ll be interesting if someone […]