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Honda Accord Tourer

13, Aug 2012

An article in Automotive News previously mentioned that “The U.S. organization will engineer and develop the new-generation Acura NSX sports car, the redesign of the current Civic at the end of this year, the next-generation Accord wagon and Accord coupe and “a few Acura models.” But that paragraph now reads “The U.S. organization will engineer […]

Honda Civic Tourer

8, Apr 2011

The last Civic wagon was the British-built Civic Aerodeck that was never replaced after 2001. Ten years on, should Honda bring back a Civic wagon?

Maserati Cinqueposti

30, Mar 2009

Here are my renderings of the Maserati Quattroporte’s smaller brother, the Cinqueposti sedan. Renderings were based on Tesla Model S. I got the name Cinqueposti from cinque + posti. Cinque means five; and posti means seats in Italian. Initially I wanted to render a Jaguar X-Type from the Tesla, as the Model S looks so […]