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Tesla Model S

10, Apr 2016

Trying to render the next generation Tesla Model S by stretching the Buick Avista Concept onto the shape and body of the Model S.

Tesla Model 3

5, May 2015

This is my third attempt in rendering s small Tesla. The model 3, as officially named, will be 3-Series sized. To rendered these two by reclothing the Jaguar XE with the skin of Tesla Model S; while adding some styling adjustments. You can check out my previous small Tesla renderings here and here.

Tesla Model SC

7, May 2013

There’s a huge market for an electric 2+2 GT. And I feel Tesla has the right product for that niche.

Tesla Model ST

13, Nov 2012

The Tesla Model S was the only vehicle to nab an honor in TIME’s Best Inventions of the Year 2012. This is just the latest in long list of accolades for the Model S. Motor Trend recently called the EV the most important car since the Ford Model T, and Automobile Magazine named the five-door […]