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Skoda Wagon R

28, Oct 2010

In my Volkswagen Alto post, I left out that Volkswagen is also planning to rebadge Suzuki Wagon R as a Skoda’s India entry-level model in 2012.

Seat IBE Spider

8, Oct 2010

Seat Toledo

8, Aug 2010

This is my idea for SEAT to replace the Exeo. Though the Exeo was only launched in late 2008, it would be nice to have a Jetta-based Toledo for late 2012. Some might argue that the Exeo is D-segment, whereas the Jetta is C-segment. Well, dimensions wise, the Jetta is wider and taller than the […]

This rendering was for my friend Andrus, as an April’s Fool prank. On his site, he announced that, “Porsche is back with a powerful electric city car concept. The 3.6-meter long(about the same size as Mini Cooper, but wider and lower) concept has two electric motors on the front and rear axle with a total […]


3, Mar 2010

Will the SEAT Ebi concept make production as the next Leon? I sure hope so!

SEAT Ibiza ST Cupra

6, Feb 2010

I find the rear number plate’s positioning awkward, and moved it up slightly. I also lowered the ground clearance. The other changes are new Cupra-sourced front, and rear diffuser.

Can someone explain why 1, 2 and 3 are in the SEAT’s official press photos for the new Ibiza ST? This should be sent to PhotoshopDisaster.

Seat Ebro

28, Dec 2009

News has it that Seat is planning a coupe-like hatchback a la Scirocco to boost the brand’s image. According to Jan Lafrentz, the sales and marketing boss of Seat, “The design proposal for this car already exists, and they’re now only waiting for the green light.” Cool! Bobby, Wheels Weekly

SEAT Exeo Freetrack

26, Jul 2009

Just submitted the above for CarSpyShot Photoshop Contest. It’s my idea of the Exeo Freetrack base on the Acura ZDX.

SEAT Altea

9, Jul 2009

The SEAT Altea is a compact MPV designed by the Walter de’Silva, and launched in 2004 as the first example of SEAT’s new corporate look.It’s been five years, time for model change. Since SEAT has recycled the Audi A4 (B7) as their Exeo, why not recycle the Volkswagen Touran Golf Plus.