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Suzuki ik-2 Coupe

30, Mar 2015

Nowadays anything can be a coupe; 4-door saloon, 3-door hatchback… So this is the small Suzuki ik-2 Coupe.

Suzuki Equator

22, Dec 2014

What if Nissan continue its venture with Suzuki and rebadge the Navara as new Equator. The Vitara’s front fascia actually fits quite well with the Navara.

There are already spy shots of Suzuki’s new compact hatchback being tested. Look closely and you will see it has strong resemblance to the Alivio sedan (from B-pillar onwards).

Suzuki Vitara

6, Oct 2014

Suzuki had relaunched the Vitara as a smaller B-segment SUV. Its shape and styling immediately remind of the first generation Vitara. And so I reimagine the new Vitara in 3-door form much like the original, that was also marketed as Escudo in other markets. My family has strong feeling for the first generation Vitara, since […]

Suzuki Alivio

3, May 2014

Rendered the production Suzuki Alivio after seeing leaked images from Car News China. Changes are very subtle; revised grille, revised front and rear bumper, different front fog lights, removal of side doors chrome panels, wheels and different rear lights.

Suzuki Hummer

13, Nov 2013

Suzuki just launched the Jimny in Malaysia. Many are already complaining about the high price for this dated entry-level SUV. Well, why not “bling” it up into a Hummer?

Suzuki Authentics

13, Jun 2013

This are my impressions of how the Authentics will look if when it enters production. Unlike how the concept Kizashi water-downed to the eventual production Kizashi, I believe this final Authentics will not differ too much from the concept. I’ve given it proper door handles, side mirrors, removed chrome strip from the doors, revised the […]

Can’t believe my luck! While fishing earlier at Sri Permaisuri lake, I saw this Swift Outback being driven around the lake. By the time I took out my phone, I’ve only managed to snap one image. I thought this model was only recently launched at the on-going 34th Bangkok International Auto Show!

Mercedes-Benz Jimny

10, Mar 2013

When I read in Autocar that Mercedes-Benz had started on a Volkswagen Polo-sized model boasting iconic styling cues from the 34-year-old G-class, I immediately thought of this monster chop. Well it’s Sunday, do take it as a joke.

Audi Spritzer

26, Apr 2012

This was suppose to be my April’s Fool prank for 2012. The story was, Audi needed a small car cheaper than anything currently under Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda, and so they look to Suzuki, and rebadge the Splash. Don’t you think the Audi grille fits nicely on the small Suzuki? By the way, spritzer is […]