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Subaru Viziv Pickup

21, Nov 2016

I think the idea of a Subaru Viziv Pickup is very appealing. What do you think?

Subaru Impreza STi

28, Oct 2016

I hesitate in rendering aggressive variants of any model. So it’s only normal I have my reservation bout these Subaru Impreza STi renderings. Itself almost an icon, many will possibly find this to tame in styling to be worthy of that badge. Subtlety is definitely my style.

Subaru Baja

12, May 2016

Remember the Subaru Baja? What if Subaru brings it back, but instead of basing it on the Legacy/Liberty, how about using the Forester to begin with? I think this could be popular.

Five years ago, Subaru showed the Subaru Impreza Design Concept at the 2010 LA Auto Show. That concept previewed the current 4th generation Impreza range. This year, Subaru unveiled the Impreza 5-door Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. This hatchback previews the upcoming 5th generation of the Impreza. My renderings are a combination of […]

Subaru Legacy Touring

27, Oct 2014

Subaru has launched the Legacy and Outback. So when will they bring back the Legacy Touring? I like crossover like the Outback, but I love traditional estates and wagon more. And I believe the Legacy Touring will look nice too.

Subaru Baja

19, Apr 2014

Subaru discontinued Baja production in April 2006. Any chance of it returning?

Subaru Legacy Coupe

12, Mar 2014

This is most unlikely going to happen. Checking Subaru’s history, there were only a handful of coupes in their lineup. The only coupe in the current lineup is the BRZ.

Subaru Legacy Touring

10, Feb 2014

According to Autocar, the new Legacy will be made as a saloon only – and Subaru has confirmed it will not be sold in the UK. UK market will get the production version of the Levorg sports tourer instead. A pity then. I quite like my rendering of the Legacy Touring.

I prefer this over the Impreza hatchback.

Just an early attempt to create a hatchback variant of the Levorg. My aim it to make a C-segment Subaru hatchback that’s better than the Impreza. What do you guys think?