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Lancia Spyder

22, Jun 2011

I’ve decided to call this the Spyder and not the Fulvia, because in concept, the Spyder is bigger. And why is “Spyder” spelt with a “y” rather than an “i”? That’s because in the 70s, Lancia needed to differentiate the car (Beta Spyder) from the Alfa Romeo Spider.

Audi T-Tron

13, Jan 2011

A friend suggested to photoshop the top half (roof/windows) of the TT on the quattro Concept. I gave it a go and I pretty much like the end result. I call it T-Tron cause it’s TT + E-Tron. Besides, I would like to see this as a TT replacement. And since I’ve not done any […]

Saab 73

28, Jan 2009

This was my first CarSpyShots Photoshop Contest entry for year 2009. Original image was a Saab 93, and I chopped it into an MPV.