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Skoda Rapid Combi

30, Oct 2013

I wonder if Skoda intend to build the Rapid Combi. If they do, I wonder if this wagon is going to look like my renderings.

Skoda Rapid 3-Door

16, Oct 2013

There hasn’t been a 3-door Skoda since Volkswagen took over. I wonder why? But then again, sales of 3-door hatch is shrinking, so much so, Renault and Peugeot is not making 3-door variants of their (next) Twingo, Clio, 208, and 308.

What’s the difference between this and the regular Octavia you ask? Well this is the Spaceback, Skoda’s language for trunkless hatchback (regular Octavia is a notchback hatchback). These were rendered as I wanted to see how the Octavia will look if it sticks to the body-shape and profile of the Vision D concept car.