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Volkswagen Polo R

6, May 2010

Autocar reported Volkswagen plans to launch an R version of the Polo in 2012. The VW Polo R is expected to be powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine, which is tipped to produce around 210bhp.

Volkswagen Caddy

16, Apr 2010

Tried applying the new Volkswagen face to the ageing Caddy. Doesn’t quite work as well as I hope. Speaking of Caddy, why doesn’t Volkswagen Malaysia import and sell this model? I think with Malaysia’s automobile tax structure, this Volkswagen could possibly be priced at less than RM100,000. I think Malaysian would be interested in an […]

Volkswagen Routan

15, Apr 2010

Given how all Volkswagen share the same face nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Routan gets similar treatment when it gets facelifted. But I dare say this new face works on the Routan. Even more so than the new Sharan.

Volkswagen CrossTouran

12, Apr 2010

Hmmm… Does it look better than the “new” Touran?

I am planning to submit the above rendering for Photoshop Contest 11, if they eventually use the Volkswagen New Compact Concept as the donor image While below is my not-so-successful attempt in rendering the cabriolet with its roof up.

Volkswagen Passat

11, Mar 2010

No, I did not render the new generation Passat. But if Volkswagen gives the Passat a facelift before replacing it in two years time, It could probably looks like this. Special thanks: Reppu

Skoda Vylet

10, Mar 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 8. Originally, I wanted to render a SEAT Alhambra, but Bryan (another talented regular contestant) was way quicker than anyone. The name, Vylet, means trip pr journey in Czech, and was suggested by a good friend.

While Suzuki already has the Equator mid-size pickup truck which is also the Nissan Navara, perhaps it might be replaced by the Volkswagen Amarok-based truck instead few years down the road.

I dare say I render a pretty close one. A week ago I rendered the Touared based on spy shots and die-cast models, and the rendering had just gone to print for the 10th issue of Wheels Weekly magazine.

Volkswagen Jetta

10, Feb 2010

I thought it’d be fun to add the MK6 Golf’s front to the Jetta. I actually thought it’ll look nice. But…