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Skoda Wagon R

28, Oct 2010

In my Volkswagen Alto post, I left out that Volkswagen is also planning to rebadge Suzuki Wagon R as a Skoda’s India entry-level model in 2012.

Just thought the new Passat could spin out a liftback variant, much like Audi A5 Sportback. After all, there were Passat hatchbacks before; B1 from 1973–1981 (below left) and B2 from 1981–1988 (below right)

Volkswagen “NMS”

4, Oct 2010

We’ve seen official sketches of the NMS, North America’s answer to the Passat. I believe it should look pretty close to these renderings, don’t you think? I dare say it looks better than the “new” B7 Passat.

We’ve already read from Paul Tan’s blog, “the models / variants in negotiations to be locally assembled will not be the models which are currently offered in Malaysia.” My guess will be Volkswagen Vento (Polo sedan from India) and Volkswagen Jetta (from Mexico). I’m not too sure about the third model though. Could be the […]

Funny. I did the above left back in 12 April. Doesn’t it look similar to the actual new Cross Touran revealed yesterday?

Seat Toledo

8, Aug 2010

This is my idea for SEAT to replace the Exeo. Though the Exeo was only launched in late 2008, it would be nice to have a Jetta-based Toledo for late 2012. Some might argue that the Exeo is D-segment, whereas the Jetta is C-segment. Well, dimensions wise, the Jetta is wider and taller than the […]

Volkswagen Scirocco

27, Jul 2010

Last week when I commented on how my Volkswagen Caddy rendering from April very similar to the actual new Caddy, I wonder if Volkswagen is applying the “one face fits all” strategy to its cars’ styling. And if so how would they facelift the Scirocco. As a joke, I imagine Volkswagen got lazy, and just […]

Wow, the one I did back in 16 April (above left) looks like almost like the actual new Caddy.

Volkswagen Phaeton

30, Jun 2010

According to Autocar, Volkswagen will tailor the next generation of the car to the US and China market. Autocar also reported Volkswagen is considering a number of options for the car’s underpinnings; extended version of the Audi A6 that’s sold in China, or even the Audi A8’s aluminium platform. So my renderings are based on […]