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Skoda Tudor

13, Jun 2016

Toying with the idea of a Skoda Tudor coupe that shares platform with the new Audi A5.

Skoda Superb Scout

6, Oct 2015

It’s confirmed that the Skoda Superb Scout is coming. Will it look like these renderings?

Seat Exeo

18, Jun 2015

How about a new flagship for Seat based on the Skoda Superb? I think the Seat IBL Concept will make an idea Exeo replacement.

Skoda Superb vRS

24, May 2015

Will Skoda make a Superb vRS? Or will Audi object to the idea for having an internal rival to its S6?

Just toying with the idea of a convertible Skoda Superb.

Skoda Superb Combi

25, Feb 2015

Will the eventual Skoda Superb Combi looks like these?  

Skoda Superb vRS Combi

24, Feb 2014

Being a huge fan of Skoda and all things wagon, I wonder why wouldn’t Skoda make the vRS version of the Superb Combi. I believe it will give the Audi RS6 a run for the money. And possibly beat the German cousin too.

Skoda Superb Facelift

22, Sep 2011

What if the Skoda Superb gets facelifted with the front similar to that of MissionL Concept? I personally like it.

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