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Skoda Rapid Combi

30, Oct 2013

I wonder if Skoda intend to build the Rapid Combi. If they do, I wonder if this wagon is going to look like my renderings.

Skoda Rapid vRS

29, May 2013

Rendered with close reference to the Skoda Rapid Sport Concept, my impression of the Fabia vRS has a standard bonnet, black roof, one-tone body paint and simplified front bumper and rear diffuser.

Skoda Rapid Pickup

11, Oct 2012

Before you start cursing, there were Skoda compact pickups before, like the Favorit Pickup and Felicia Pickup.

Skoda Fabia

5, Aug 2012

According to Autocar, Skoda has confirmed its intentions to launch a conventional five-door hatchback version of its new Rapid. Its name however, is not revealed. My bet it replaces the Fabia, and should be called Fabia. The report went on to say that there will be no three-door version of the Rapid because the market volumes […]

Skoda Rapid Coupé

10, Jul 2012

Autocar recently reported that a Rapid coupé could arrive in 2013. It’s called a coupé cause the Rapid is actually a 5-door notchback designed to look like a sedan, so removing two rear passenger doors, and we get what Skoda wants us to believe, a coupe, with a rear door/hatch.

Seat Toledo ST

22, Jun 2012

Back in February, Autocar reported that three new Seat range, set to be unveiled before the end of this year, will cap off one of the busiest years in the company’s history. There will be 3 and 5-door hatchbacks named Leon, while sedan and estate (ST rendered here) will be called Toledo. I seriously hope […]

Proton Sago

6, Mar 2012

So I read from Paul Tan’s blog that Volkswagen AG has identified the possibility of remodelling the Polo (sedan) as a Proton. I’m not sure if this is a good news for Proton, or a bad one for Volkswagen AG. As for the renderings, I referred to spy shots of the P3-21 seen running about […]

Skoda Rapid Hatchback

4, Feb 2012

So the Indian-market Skoda Rapid turns out to be the Polo Sedan with Fabia’s front. Before the Rapid was revealed, many had argued that the name Rapid (and its tradition) should be reserved to a coupe, or a fastback car. With that in mind, I wonder what if Skoda also sells the Polo hatch as […]

Skoda Rapid Sedan

27, Apr 2011

According to Paul Tan, Skoda is planning to revive the Rapid with Skoda’s version of the Volkswagen Vento (Polo Sedan) for the Indian market. The Rapid’s styling might be derived from the Skoda Concept Design displayed at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. Coincidentally I’ve also did another set of Skoda Rapid coupe renderings (the original […]

Skoda Rapid

11, Mar 2011

The above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 10. The contest’s theme is to create a new model for any car manufacturer with strong retro design cues. I was thinking a modern day Audi Quattro or Toyota Corolla Levin (AE86), but someone has already done that and even made some prototypes. Then I saw […]