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Skoda Fabiaq

19, Sep 2016

A silly name it is; combining the Skoda Fabia and Kodiaq names for this sub-compact crossover.

Toying with the idea of Skoda Kodiaq pickup truck.


5, Sep 2016

Imagining how a SEAT version of the Skoda Kodiaq could look.

Skoda Vision T

13, Jul 2016

Will there ever be a Skoda pickup truck? If so will it be based on the upcoming Kodiak or the Volkswagen Amarok?

Skoda Tudor

13, Jun 2016

Toying with the idea of a Skoda Tudor coupe that shares platform with the new Audi A5.

Skoda Yeti Truck

31, Mar 2016

Just toying with the idea of a Yeti pickup truck based on the Yeti Extreme concept.


13, Mar 2016

Been busy and stressed at work, hence this monstrosity call WTHIT, What The Hell Is This. I am Dr Frankenstein. Name all four cars and models I’ve combined into one here.

Skoda Fabia

5, Feb 2016

Giving the Fabia a facelift, with front inspired by the Superb.

Volvo 66

9, Nov 2015

Anyone remembers the Volvo 66? It was the smallest Volvo ever, produced from 1975 till 1980. Here’s my idea of what a modern day 66 will look. Personally I like traditional 2-box hatchbacks and 3-box sedans. And I believe the XC90’s design and shape can convert well into a city hatchback. These renderings were done […]

Skoda Superb Scout

6, Oct 2015

It’s confirmed that the Skoda Superb Scout is coming. Will it look like these renderings?