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Skoda Superb Combi

25, Feb 2015

Will the eventual Skoda Superb Combi looks like these?  

Skoda Fabia Scout

12, Feb 2015

Here are my impressions of how the Skoda Fabia Scout might possibly look.

Skoda Fabia Sedan

2, Sep 2014

The first generation of the Fabia was also available in sedan form. I wonder if the 3rd generation will get the booted body style too.

The Fabia is one of the few cars I’ve been looking forward to this year. And I’m not disappointed with the look for the 3rd generation Skoda mini. And now I present to you my vision of the Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo.

Skoda Yeti 3-Door

29, Jul 2014

I actually wanted to make a sporty 3-door Yeti to rival the Range Rover Evoque. The end result you see here is rather disappointing.

  Okay finally some better official images of the Skoda Vision C Concept to work from, rendered here in what I think is the possible production trim.

Skoda Superb vRS Combi

24, Feb 2014

Being a huge fan of Skoda and all things wagon, I wonder why wouldn’t Skoda make the vRS version of the Superb Combi. I believe it will give the Audi RS6 a run for the money. And possibly beat the German cousin too.

Skoda Rapid Combi

30, Oct 2013

I wonder if Skoda intend to build the Rapid Combi. If they do, I wonder if this wagon is going to look like my renderings.

Skoda Rapid 3-Door

16, Oct 2013

There hasn’t been a 3-door Skoda since Volkswagen took over. I wonder why? But then again, sales of 3-door hatch is shrinking, so much so, Renault and Peugeot is not making 3-door variants of their (next) Twingo, Clio, 208, and 308.

Skoda Rapid vRS

29, May 2013

Rendered with close reference to the Skoda Rapid Sport Concept, my impression of the Fabia vRS has a standard bonnet, black roof, one-tone body paint and simplified front bumper and rear diffuser.