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Cadillac Escalade

26, Jan 2013

A new generation of Escalade for the rappers and homies.

Chevrolet Tahoe

29, Dec 2012

With the new Chevrolet Silverado launched, will the Tahoe be replaced soon?

Peugeot Silverado

2, May 2012

This was featured as’s April Fool’s prank a month ago. “Many of us aren’t happy about this change. They may as well badge the beast as the Silveradeaux,” one long-time engineer was overheard saying, but also requested not to be named. Funny.

Hyundai Equus Coupe

20, Apr 2010

On 13 April, Patrick of This asked, “What if Hyundai offered Coupe version of the Equus?” Good question. Do read more about his article on the Hyundai Equus Coupe here.