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Audi TT Shooting Brake

12, Dec 2014

While this body style gives rear passenger more headroom, I doubt it’ll increase much on the coupe’s boot space. And the TT looses its sleekness with that blunt rear.

Images may not be re-posted without permission. Mercedes-Benz announced there will be no Mercedes-AMG GT cabriolet. So how about the shooting brake?

Porsche Cayvan

21, Oct 2014

After much consideration from the names submitted through Facebook and Twitter, I’ve decided to call this shooting brake variant of the Cayman as Cayvan.

Three days ago I posted a chopped Volvo Concept Shooting Brake by merging the Volvo Concept Coupe and Volvo Concept XC. Then earlier Volvo released a few teaser shots of their new concept to be unveiled in March’s Geneva Auto Show. Guess what? It is a shooting brake! Hmm…

You guys should know I’m a huge fan of shooting brakes. Here are another two shooting brake renderings of the Jaguar F-Type.

This was rendered in response to the following video.

More shooting brake renderings. I’d say these are some of my favourite renderings this year.

My new dream car. Even if Mercedes-Benz decides to make one, I seriously doubt I can ever afford one.

Mercedes-Benz CLU

24, Oct 2012

My inspiration for this utility coupe: 2012 Australian International Motor Show – utility coupe is very common down-under. My previous BMW 6-Series Pickup renderings