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I remember reading somewhere there’ll be SEAT and Skoda versions of the Up!. And these are my attempts in rendering the other two of the Up! triplets.

I dare say I really like these renderings, especially the rear rendering that shows the roof’s mechanism.

Suzuki Roomster

8, May 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 15. Ran out of idea while trying to add the Swift’s front to the Roomster. So I used the Kizashi’s front instead. To make it look less top-heavy, I lowered the roof too.

Happy New Year! This is an animated GIF.

I really like the new Kizashi. Initially I thought it looks rather bland. But within a few days I’ve grown to like it more. However that doesn’t stop me from giving it some slight “readjustment”. Read after the jump to see the comparison between the original and my red Kizashi.

The production version of the Volkswagen Jetta Volkswahen Kizashi Suzuki Jetta Suzuki Kizashi sedan was officially revealed today in a special launch event in Detroit. Built at Suzuki’s new manufacturing plant in Sagara, Japan, the Kizashi will serve as the company’s flagship model when it arrives in North American showrooms this winter. Source: Carscoop