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Renault Clio Sedan

3, Apr 2013

The new Clio is very well-designed. It has the potential to be a good looking sedan too. But I doubt Renault will consider such variant.

Source: So who do you think will win? Ford B-Max Hyundai i30 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Peugeot 208 Renault Clio Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 Volkswagen Golf Volvo V40   

Renault Clio 3-Door

15, Sep 2012

Here’s the Clio variant Renault has decided not to make. This is because Renault believes the 3-door Clio will rob sales of its Twingo range. A pity isn’t it?

Quite a disappointment huh? My not so successful attempt in facelifting the Wind with new Clio’s fascia.

Comparing the official new Hyundai ix20 (left images) to my Matrix renderings (right images), I dare say I was correct back in September 2009, to have predicted the new Matrix will just be the Kia Venga with new front and rear designs. Hyundai has usually been less enthusiastic when designing and/or facelifting the MPV range.