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Removing the top off the Renault Alpine Vision.

Mercedes-Benz O-Class

9, Dec 2015

Just another attempt in rendering a B-segment Mercedes-Benz premium mini. I rendered these by clothing the Renault Clio with body of Mercedes-Benz GLA. After I’ve completed these, I read in Autocar (25 November issue) that Mercedes-Benz has no plans to make a model smaller than today’s A-Class. View my other poor mini Mercedes attempt here.

Renault Scenic

30, Nov 2015

Come March 2016, the all-new Renault Scenic is expected to debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Will it look anything like this?

Renault Fluence

25, Nov 2015

Rendered this impressions of next Renault Fluence after seeing the spyshots in

Renault Alaskan

5, Oct 2015

Productionising the Renault Alaskan concept.

Renault Megane Coupe

29, Sep 2015

My impression of the all-new Renault Megane Coupe; if Renault has plans to replace the current Megane Coupe.

Renault Fluence

28, Sep 2015

Something simple for the start of a new week, the sedan variant of Renault Megane, also commonly known as Fluence in most markets.

Renault Talisman Coupe

12, Jul 2015

Well Renault is not replacing the Laguna-based coupe. So this Talisman Coupe will remain an imagination.

Nissan Kwid

1, Jun 2015

Much like after Dacia launched the Duster, came the Renault version, then the Nissan rebadged (Terrano). Will it be the same with the Kwid? Will there eventually be a Nissan version too?

Dacia Kwid

20, May 2015

The front design of Renault Kwid reminds me so much of Dacia, so I rendered this.