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Renault Laguna

11, Mar 2015

Just a quick rendering done after seeing spy shots of the new Renault Laguna. Base vehicle was a Nissan Teana.

Renault Truck

8, Feb 2015

Last week, The Motor Report mentioned that a Renault version of Nissan’s new Navara is possible, though it won’t simply be a Navara with a Renault badge on the nose. Report says the Renault truck will have its own Renault sheet-metal and Renault styling.

Renault Megane

24, Dec 2014

The current Renault Megane is due for replacement in 2016 with an early reveal in next year’s Paris Auto Show. I rendered this new Megane with reference to the EOLAB concept.

Renault Fluence RS

10, Aug 2014

Why not an RS version of the Fluence? A competition to the Audi S3 sedan and Subaru WRX maybe?

Renault Twingo

21, Jun 2013

Will the eventual Twingo looks like this?

Renault Zoe Cabriolet

27, May 2013

Last week, Renault asks its Facebook fans if they would like a convertible Zoe. They even posted a rendering of a Zoe Cabriolet made by a Spanish fan. Here’s my idea of how it might look.

Renault Clio Sedan

3, Apr 2013

The new Clio is very well-designed. It has the potential to be a good looking sedan too. But I doubt Renault will consider such variant.

Lada Priora

8, Nov 2012

With Renault owning 25% AvtoVAZ (Lada), the Russian automobile manufacturer has been producing the Dacia Logan MCV as Lada Largus since April 2012. Will Renault allow AvtoVAZ to rebadge the new Dacia Logan as the replacement for the dated Lada Priora? The current Priora actually dates back to 1995 when it was called 110. Lada […]

Renault Clio 3-Door

15, Sep 2012

Here’s the Clio variant Renault has decided not to make. This is because Renault believes the 3-door Clio will rob sales of its Twingo range. A pity isn’t it?

Quite a disappointment huh? My not so successful attempt in facelifting the Wind with new Clio’s fascia.