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Audi Q5

14, Jan 2016

Here’s my impression of how the next Audi Q5 might look.

Porsche Cajun

15, Jan 2011

These commissioned renderings first appeared in on 6 January. According to Ed Wellwig, Porsche Cajun is expected to be launched in 2013, looking very much like the little brother of the Cayenne. The Cajun looks like the Audi Q5, that it will share a platform with.

Autocar reported that the new Dacia Duster could become a Nissan as well as a Renault. “In a market where Nissan had a presence and Renault didn’t, it would be a possibility,” a Renault-Nissan insider confirmed to Autocar.

Nissan AD Resort

8, Apr 2010

This is my idea of the all-new Nissan AD Resort. Nissan stopped selling the affordable compact station wagon in ASEAN since late 90s. I believe the Dacia Logan MCV would provide a good basis for a new Nissan compact station wagon. After all, the sedan and pick-up version of the Logan are also available elsewhere […]

Dacia Denem

17, Mar 2010

This is my idea of Dacia’s reborn Denem, a Romanian version of the Renault Fluence and Samsung SM3. A little introduction to the old Denem. Dacia acquired the tooling and basic designs of the Renault 12 back in 1969 and the Romanian Renault 12 was called Dacia 1300. “1300” represents the car’s engine displacement. For […]

Dacia Duster Pick-up

9, Mar 2010

I like weird looking cars and trucks. And I love this Dacia Duster Pick-up.

Lada Niva

10, Dec 2009

Renault and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have agreed a plan to save ailing carmaker Avtovaz from collapse. Renault and Nissan both expect to build ‘value’ cars at Avtovaz’s Togliatti plant from 2012, as well as all-new models under the Lada brand. With a production target of 900,000 units annually, around 650,000 units are expected […]

Dacia Large Saloon

22, Jul 2009

Above is my last minute entry for the on-going CarSpyShots Photoshop Contest. I’ve been very busy and this is a quick one, done in two hours.

Chrysler is was considering the launch of a small car-based pick-up truck to replace larger, body-on-frame models, reports Detroit News. Chrysler’s product development chief Frank Klegon said the company needs a ‘lighter-duty, multipurpose vehicle from a lighter, more fuel-efficient car platform’, and that such a model could be sold at a more affordable price. The […]