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Proton Nona

19, Mar 2011

In a report featured in Paul Tan’s blog, Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin revealed that Indian carmaker Tata Motors has expressed interest to enter the Malaysian market by working with Proton. Nano-based Proton anyone? By the way, nona in Malay means miss, girl, or mademoiselle. The group that could be Proton’s main […]

Fiat 600

10, Sep 2010

I read somewhere a while ago that Fiat plans to add two doors to the 500, for the American market. And in doing so the car will be named 600. Can someone help me find that report/article? To accommodate the extra pairs of doors, I did not increase the wheelbase, but I did make the […]

Fiat 500 Roadster

21, Oct 2009

Now that BMW has confirmed on the production of the Mini Roadster, will Fiat follow suit and do a 500 Roadster?

Mini Tiny Clip

20, Mar 2009

Higher quality clip after the jump. Can someone confirm if the maximum length for clips in flickr is no more than 1 minute and 30 seconds?

Mini Tiny

19, Mar 2009

Italian-based Fiat and German-based BMW are working together to develop new platforms for small sized vehicles. Source: So I did renderings of a Mini Tiny based on the Fiat 500. I’m not sure if I like the Mini’s trademark floating roof. Comparing all renderings here, I would like to know which do you prefer. […]