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Proton Iriz R3

8, Nov 2014

These were first seen in a month ago. Gregory Sze asked if this is the (Proton) hot-hatch for the future? Am personally pretty proud of these renderings.

Proton Saga MKIII

2, Nov 2014

This set of renderings caused quite a commotion a month ago when they were first published in I rendered these from the Iriz hatchback, as a replacement for the popular Saga as Proton’s all-new B-segment sedan contender.

Proton Irox Concept

31, Oct 2014

These were first seen in accompanying an article of a Proton B-segment SUV that potentially rival the likes of Ford Ecosport, Honda Vezel and Nissan Juke.

I wonder if there was plan to replace the Proton Putra with a Impian/Waja-based coupe. I do know Proton built a few Waja V6 prototypes that a former insider claims was a sweet ride. Too bad that Waja V6 was not approved.

Proton Saga 3

6, Jul 2014

Proton is holding a design competition, but I can’t participate due to my age. I wanted to render the next Proton Saga. Here I base the Saga on Dacia, adding on design features seen on the first generation Saga; black bar beneath head lights, clam shell bonnet and doors that covers up to the roof […]

Three days ago you’ve seen the front illustration. Today I present to you the rear illustration based on this spy picture.

This first went viral in hours ago. This illustration was done based on spyshots of the Proton P2-30A Global Small Car. Reading the responses and comments, I really really REALLY wish people would think twice, consider trice, and do a little bit of research before commenting. Oh well…

Proton PRM

29, Sep 2013

As read from Paul Tan’s blog, the Malaysian Government may have backtracked on its decision to use new Honda Accords in the official vehicle fleet. Instead, a new Proton executive mode, codenamed PRM (Perdana Replacement Model) will apparently be supplied to replace the Proton Perdana and Inspira. So here’s my proposal, why not base the […]

Proton Suprima R

19, Sep 2013

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were first seen at a month ago. They were rendered soon after Proton launched the Suprima S hatchback. The story that went with it was about a sporty variant of the Suprima call R. Glad to see many encouraging words from those who like these […]

Proton Satria

5, Sep 2013

Remember the previous single-angle Satria rendering based on the Proton Suprima S? Well here’s the other two angles. Base images courtesy of Paul Tan.