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Three days ago you’ve seen the front illustration. Today I present to you the rear illustration based on this spy picture.

This first went viral in hours ago. This illustration was done based on spyshots of the Proton P2-30A Global Small Car. Reading the responses and comments, I really really REALLY wish people would think twice, consider trice, and do a little bit of research before commenting. Oh well…

Proton PRM

29, Sep 2013

As read from Paul Tan’s blog, the Malaysian Government may have backtracked on its decision to use new Honda Accords in the official vehicle fleet. Instead, a new Proton executive mode, codenamed PRM (Perdana Replacement Model) will apparently be supplied to replace the Proton Perdana and Inspira. So here’s my proposal, why not base the […]

Proton Suprima R

19, Sep 2013

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were first seen at a month ago. They were rendered soon after Proton launched the Suprima S hatchback. The story that went with it was about a sporty variant of the Suprima call R. Glad to see many encouraging words from those who like these […]

Proton Satria

5, Sep 2013

Remember the previous single-angle Satria rendering based on the Proton Suprima S? Well here’s the other two angles. Base images courtesy of Paul Tan.

Proton Satria

21, Aug 2013

Only one angle you ask? Well when I was done rendering the front, I don’t like the end result or the design. Something doesn’t seem right about the Satria. Perhaps the Suprima S was too big to base the Satria on. If you look at the animated GIF, I’ve already shrank the Suprima S. Yet […]

Something quick for the long weekend in Singapore and Malaysia. Happy Holidays!

Proton Suprima

26, Apr 2013

Here we go again. People started speculating about the Proton Perdana replacement since 8 years ago. Reports after reports suggested the flagship Proton would have been based on Volkswagen Passat, then Rover 75, then Renault Laguna, then Mitsubishi Galant, then Infiniti M-Series… And now the latest report claims Proton registered the name Suprima for its […]

Proton Arena

15, Apr 2013

Remember the Proton Arena (or the Proton Jumbuck in the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia)? Well before Proton retires the Gen2/Persona, why not utilised that platform and make the second generation coupé utility. For my renderings, I’ve added plastic bits here and there, new front fascia and headlights, raised ground clearance, and completely new body […]

Proton Mirage

21, Nov 2012

Soon after the Mitsubishi Mirage was launched in Malaysia, I’ve receive emails and suggestions to rebadge the Mirage as a Proton; much like how the Lancer is “borrowed” officially as Proton Inspira. If you are among them hoping for more Proton-badged Mitusbishi, you’d be disappointed. Cars Bikes Trucks confirmed with Ryujiro Kobashi, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s vice corporate general […]