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Proton PRM

29, Sep 2013

As read from Paul Tan’s blog, the Malaysian Government may have backtracked on its decision to use new Honda Accords in the official vehicle fleet. Instead, a new Proton executive mode, codenamed PRM (Perdana Replacement Model) will apparently be supplied to replace the Proton Perdana and Inspira. So here’s my proposal, why not base the […]

Something quick for the long weekend in Singapore and Malaysia. Happy Holidays!

Proton Putra

26, Oct 2012

Another set of Putra renderings. Check out the previous Inspira/Lancer-based Putra renderings here.

Proton Prevé Wagon

4, Jun 2012

Here’s the estate variant of the Prevé. As a global model for Proton, the estate could increase Proton’s internation sales. Just a thought. You can view the hatchback variant here, and even the Malaysian taxi version. The Prevé Wagon is slightly longer than the sedan, I’ve extended the rear overhang.

Proton Prevé Taxi

23, Apr 2012

Something fun to start the work week. Zoom in on the stickers. Anyway the utilitarian taxi variant of the Prevé looses color-coated side mirror housings and bumpers. Gone too are the fog lamps and alloy wheels.

The Prevé is to be Proton’s global car. I feel Proton should have a hatchback variant of the Prevé to succeed in Europe. And according to insider, Proton is indeed working on the Prevé hatchback, codenamed P3-22A.

This is my entry for photoshop contest 27.

The quality is pretty bad. Please pardon me.

Quite frankly, I had high hopes this would turn out to be a beauty. But the end result disappoints me. It looks rather bulky and cheap. But then again maybe it’s just my (low) rendering quality. I must say though, I’m not sure why the original image has such heavy back. Photographer’s kits left in […]