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Rolls-Royce Pickup

28, Apr 2012

These renderings were first featured in a month ago. Mark Williams wonders what the most expensive pickup in the history of the world might look like. He went on to say, “We suspect it’s only a matter of time before the likes of Rolls-Royce jumps into the highly profitable world of luxury pickups”. Who […]

Wow, the one I did back in 16 April (above left) looks like almost like the actual new Caddy.

Volkswagen Caddy

16, Apr 2010

Tried applying the new Volkswagen face to the ageing Caddy. Doesn’t quite work as well as I hope. Speaking of Caddy, why doesn’t Volkswagen Malaysia import and sell this model? I think with Malaysia’s automobile tax structure, this Volkswagen could possibly be priced at less than RM100,000. I think Malaysian would be interested in an […]