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10. BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe 9. Tesla Model ST 8. Seat Altea 7. Seat Exeo 6. Peugeot 208 CC 5. Volvo S40 4. Isuzu MU-7 3. Maserati Quattroporte 2. Audi RS6 1. Honda Civic Type-R

Peugeot 208 CC

27, Mar 2012

Quite frankly, I had high hopes this would turn out to be a beauty. But the end result disappoints me. It looks rather bulky and cheap. But then again maybe it’s just my (low) rendering quality. I must say though, I’m not sure why the original image has such heavy back. Photographer’s kits left in […]

In my previous not-too-successful attempt in rendering a shooting brake variant of the Alfa Romeo Brera, I mentioned I’ll give the 159 Sportwagon a try. I think the shooting brake style is better suited here with the 159. Besides removing the rear doors while lengthening the front doors, the roof had to be lowered too. […]