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Peugeot Hoggar

27, Aug 2012

This is not an all-new Hoggar. Rather, this is a facelift of the Hoggar with the front fascia of Peugeot 208. What do you think?

Peugeot 208 CC

27, Mar 2012

Peugeot 208 Sedan

8, Nov 2011

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 41. The task is to use the new three or five door 208 to create a competing car or a different model – like the saloon, estate or CC.

Peugeot 208 GTi

4, Nov 2011

If Peugeot decides to revive the mini GTi, will it look like these?

Ford Escape Raptor

14, Nov 2009

Back in 2007 when Ford decided to give the then seven-year old Escape another nip tuck, the Escape gained two personalities; you could choose the cool North American version that looks like the mini F150, and the *sigh* Jane Austen version we get here in Asia. Dear Santa Ford, Can we in Asia get the […]