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Peugeot 5008 Pickup

21, Sep 2016

Just one quick rendering for the mid-week, a pickup truck variant of the Peugeot 5008.

Using both the Fiat Toro and Peugeot 3008, I imagine how a Peugeot compact pickup truck specifically for the South America market might look.

I remember reading somewhere that Peugeot and Citroen inked a partnership with Toyota to produce the pickup trucks with the French badges. I rendered this by pairing the Peugeot Traveller’s front onto the body of Toyota Hilux. What do you think?

Peugeot 308 Coupe

6, May 2016

Another sedan with two rear doors removed. My hasty rendering of Peugeot 308 Coupe.

Peugeot 301 Facelift

1, Mar 2015

Giving the Peugeot 301 a mid-life update.

Peugeot 408 GT

31, Dec 2013

Got to know from that Peugeot is planning to launch a four-door coupe based on the 308, and probably called the Peugeot 408 GT. And this is my failed attempt. It doesn’t looks like a four-door coupe at all. Disappointing.

Peugeot 308 Cabriolet

25, Dec 2013

I think Peugeot should return to cloth top for its compact open top. The previous convertible hard top just isn’t reliable, practical or aesthetically pleasing.

Peugeot 308 Sedan

3, Sep 2013

Been extremely busy at work. I barely have the time and energy to do anything else. I could only muster out this profile rendering. Pardon me folks. By the way should this be 308 Sedan or be called 408?

Peugeot 308 3-Door

14, May 2013

The new second generation Peugeot 308; some say it’s elegant, while some think it’s boring. I do see it resembling the Citroen C4. I thought if they do the 3-door variant they could either give it a whole new sheet metal, or if cost-constrained, re-angle the C-pillar like my renderings.

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These sketches are from my friend Geoffrey Garitey of France. This guy is obviously talented. I can see Peugeot building a 1008 to the sketches’ styling.