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Remember the profile of the Perodua A-Segment Sedan Concept posted here 4 weeks ago? Well here are two more renderings to go with that. Quality isn’t great as the donor image of Hyundai Xcent was of low-resolution.

So the Viva-replacement were seen being tested by Perodua in Malaysia. This model will most likely a version of Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya. So far Daihatsu and Toyota are not selling the Ayla and Agya in India. When they do, I wonder will they make a sedan version since A-segment sedans are very popular […]

Perodua Viva

5, Oct 2013

It was officially announced that the Viva will be replaced next year by an all-new model. No words yet though, if it will be based on any existing Daihatsu or Toyota models. My guts tell me it’s possibly a Perodua’s version of Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya. Funny, as two years ago, I rendered a […]

Perodua Viva

10, Aug 2011

These are my idea of the new Perodua Viva based on Daihatsu A-Concept.

Just thought the new Passat could spin out a liftback variant, much like Audi A5 Sportback. After all, there were Passat hatchbacks before; B1 from 1973–1981 (below left) and B2 from 1981–1988 (below right)

Volkswagen “NMS”

4, Oct 2010

We’ve seen official sketches of the NMS, North America’s answer to the Passat. I believe it should look pretty close to these renderings, don’t you think? I dare say it looks better than the “new” B7 Passat.

We’ve already read from Paul Tan’s blog, “the models / variants in negotiations to be locally assembled will not be the models which are currently offered in Malaysia.” My guess will be Volkswagen Vento (Polo sedan from India) and Volkswagen Jetta (from Mexico). I’m not too sure about the third model though. Could be the […]

Volkswagen Passat

11, Mar 2010

No, I did not render the new generation Passat. But if Volkswagen gives the Passat a facelift before replacing it in two years time, It could probably looks like this. Special thanks: Reppu

Volkswagen Golf CC

3, Sep 2009

With BMW showing its 5 Series GT and Audi unveiling the new A5 Sportback, Volkswagen may be joining the fray as well with a baby brother to the slick Passat CC based on the Golf. Although some reports suggest that Wolfsburg could be preparing to unveil the new Golf CC at the Frankfurt Motor Show, […]

Porsche Tapiro

23, Jul 2009

This is my sick idea of what happens if Panamera bonks the Passat CC. What’s with the name? Well it from the 1970 VW-Porsche Tapiro concept designed by Giorgetto Giougiaro.