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Perodua D63D Sedan

8, Jun 2015

I’ve rendered many Perodua small sedans before. For my previous renderings, I mentioned I will not be rendering any more Perodua sedan. Yet here I am again, this time I base the small sedan renderings on the Buddyz concept. The idea was to turn that awkwardly-proportioned Buddyz concept into a more palatable sedan for the […]

I’m quite disappointed with these renderings actually. In fact I’m rather angry with how bad these renderings ended up looking. Judging by how the newer Perodua Axia and Myvi look, I believe Perodua will have a well-designed sedan for the market.

Perodua MyVi Facelift

18, Jan 2015

Perodua Axia Sports

13, Oct 2014

The Perodua Axia looks rather good as a 3-door. To render these, I lowered the roof and shoulder while re-angled the rear tailgate. Lastly I lowered the ground clearance.

Perodua Axia

12, Jul 2014

While it’s not confirmed, one of the name Perodua is considering for its Viva replacement is Axia. This rendering was done with reference to one leaked image of the new mini Perodua. While you’re here, why not check out my previous attempt in rendering the Perodua Viva replacement.

Perodua Alvi/Myza

24, Mar 2014

Been busy lately, so rendered only this bastard child of Alza and Myvi. Guess it’s a competitor for the Honda Freed.

Remember the profile of the Perodua A-Segment Sedan Concept posted here 4 weeks ago? Well here are two more renderings to go with that. Quality isn’t great as the donor image of Hyundai Xcent was of low-resolution.

So the Viva-replacement were seen being tested by Perodua in Malaysia. This model will most likely a version of Daihatsu Ayla and Toyota Agya. So far Daihatsu and Toyota are not selling the Ayla and Agya in India. When they do, I wonder will they make a sedan version since A-segment sedans are very popular […]

Perodua Myvi

18, Nov 2013

What if the Buddyz Concept is a preview of the next Myvi and not a Perodua sedan?

By popular demand…