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Monday blues? Here’s something funny to cheer you up then.

This is the exciting sexy sporty stylish pedestrian-looking coupe version of the Passat. I thought Volkswagen North America could use a mid-size coupe to rival the Honda Accord coupe. Unlike the sedan, the coupe Passat wears a lightly revised front and rear design.

Yesterday as I was posting the Passat Variant US renderings, I realise the Passat CC is the last Volkswagen without their new familiar family face (grille). And so I did this.

Adding the Variant version to US’s Passat line-up. I like this estate a lot. I even like it more than the Europe Passat Variant. But I doubt Volkswagen will build this, since there’s almost zero interest in US towards estates and wagons. Am I right?

Pretty close huh? But then again when I did the NMS renderings, I referred closely to Volkswagen’s official sketches for the “NMS”, now officially named Passat America. Hey, even the wheels are similar! Actually I feel the North American Passat looks better than the European version. Too bad Volkswagen choose to assemble the European Passat […]

Proton Perdana

6, Jan 2011

Yet another set of Proton Perdana renderings. Are these for real? Well, according to Berita Harian Online, the Nissan Fuga will be the Perdana replacement model. The first 150 units will be imported solely as official cars for top ranking government officials of Malaysia, although the paper added that the public might be able to […]

Skoda Joyster

27, Feb 2009

Citing inside sources, German car magazine ‘Auto Motor und Sport’ is reporting that the VW Group is planning to introduce SEAT and Skoda variants of its forthcoming mid-engine roadster that will be based on the BlueSport concept unveiled at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. Due to arrive sometime in 2012, VW’s edition of the roadster […]

Seat Salsa

28, Jan 2009

Volkswagen says the Concept BlueSport will make it into production if other marques in the group such as Audi and SEAT want it to, according to a senior Volkswagen executive. He says for economies of scale, the investment for the car needs to be shared between at least three different brands. Source: paultan