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Volkswagen Alto

24, Oct 2010

Autocar reported that, “VW and Suzuki are discussing rebadging the latest Alto as a Volkswagen”. Hence these renderings. I had previously rendered the Suzuki Wagon R-based Volkswagen that you can check out here.

Ferrari Dino

13, Aug 2009

Here’s my not-so-successful attempt in rendering the modern-day Ferrari Dino. Ferrari Dino was the “small” Ferrari model produced between 1968 till 1976. It was considered the “small” Ferrari as its engine size had no more than 8 cylinders. More on the original Dino here.

Proton Kompas

20, May 2009

On 17 May, Prodas’s_afiq suggested a Proton SUV based on the 2006 Lotus APX concept. Thanks for the idea Prodas!