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Nissan March/Micra

19, Mar 2015

So it’s been reported that the Nissan Sway concept will enter production to replace the current March/Micra. Here I’ve turned the Sway concept into a more production friendly supermini.

While I rendered the Hindustan Ambassador (see yesterday’s post), I remember that a year ago, I rendered the profile of the booted Nissan March/Micra. And since I’ve already started on the Ambassador renderings, I decided to render the Nissan March/Micra sedans (again). I think I prefer these over the Versa/Sunny. A bit feminine though.

Hindustan Ambassador

19, Jul 2011

I’ve been asked quite a few times to render the new Ambassador. I’ve hesitated because the Ambassador is such an iconic car for India, as such I would not want to disappoint or offend my friends in India. But after much encouragement and persuasion, I gave it a try and these are the result. I […]

Nissan Roadster

26, Oct 2010

This is my entry for Photoshop Contest 32.

Autocar reported that the new Dacia Duster could become a Nissan as well as a Renault. “In a market where Nissan had a presence and Renault didn’t, it would be a possibility,” a Renault-Nissan insider confirmed to Autocar.

Nissan AD Resort

8, Apr 2010

This is my idea of the all-new Nissan AD Resort. Nissan stopped selling the affordable compact station wagon in ASEAN since late 90s. I believe the Dacia Logan MCV would provide a good basis for a new Nissan compact station wagon. After all, the sedan and pick-up version of the Logan are also available elsewhere […]

Dacia Denem

17, Mar 2010

This is my idea of Dacia’s reborn Denem, a Romanian version of the Renault Fluence and Samsung SM3. A little introduction to the old Denem. Dacia acquired the tooling and basic designs of the Renault 12 back in 1969 and the Romanian Renault 12 was called Dacia 1300. “1300” represents the car’s engine displacement. For […]

Dacia Duster Pick-up

9, Mar 2010

I like weird looking cars and trucks. And I love this Dacia Duster Pick-up.

Lada Niva

10, Dec 2009

Renault and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have agreed a plan to save ailing carmaker Avtovaz from collapse. Renault and Nissan both expect to build ‘value’ cars at Avtovaz’s Togliatti plant from 2012, as well as all-new models under the Lada brand. With a production target of 900,000 units annually, around 650,000 units are expected […]

Dacia Duster

9, Dec 2009

The Dacia Duster has officially been unveiled! I really like this SUV, though it’s far more conservative compare to the Duster Concept. But I did “manipulate” a bit here and there, giving it a darker metallic red/maroon paint, colour coat the wing mirrors, gave the B- and C-pillars matt-black coating, and matt-black housing at the […]