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Kia Cerato Forte SW

27, Oct 2009

P.S. I’ll be leaving to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, till Sunday. Funny thing is, Halloween is also my Mother’s birthday. By the way it’s my friend, Paul Tan’s birthday today. So Happy Birthday Paul! Anyway, with limited Internet access, I’ll have less updates here. Just so you all know. So Happy Halloween!

Hyundai Matrix

4, Sep 2009

Above is my entry for Photoshop Contest 11. I also did the front rendering below.

Kia Sorento Pickup

21, Jul 2009

Here’s a rendering I completed back in 17 October 2007. Okay I’m really sorry for the lack of interesting renderings lately. I’ve been extremely busy with the company’s anal annual report. Designing it is one thing, importing the financial statements drives me nuts! Again, thank you for visiting this site still, though there isn’t much […]

Kia C’eed facelifts

15, Jul 2009

Kia recently released the first official picture of the facelifted C’eed (below).  Personally I really like the look of pre-facelift C’eed, and I’m not too sure about the facelift above. So below is my own C’eed facelift, with the new corporate grille. And another version below, that’s basically the C’eed with Forte’s front? Which do […]

Kia Optima/Magentis SW

10, Jun 2009

Above id my entry for CarSpyShots Photoshop Contest 15. As usual, rendered the rear too.

Just for fun, I made a video of the three different rendrings of Seat, Skoda and Kia based on the Volkswagen BlueSport Concept.

Kia Kee

27, Mar 2009

Here are my impressions of Kia Kee. Again, renderings are based on the VolkswagenBlueSport Concept and Kia Kee Concept. In case you guys don’t remember, Kia once produced the Elan convertible from 1996 to 1997. It was a licensed copy of Lotus’s Type M100 Elan, which was built from 1989 to 1995. After the final […]

2010 Kia Rio

23, Mar 2009

Here’s my renderings of the 2010 Kia Rio based on the Hyundai i20. Since I’ve already rendered the front for CarSpyShots Photoshop Contest, I might as well render the rear too.