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Mitsubishi Triton

12, Jun 2014

Mitsubishi and Nissan has been collaborating in many areas; micro car, commercial van and large sedan among few. It’s also confirmed the next Mitsubishi Triton was again be based on a Nissan. As with most Nissan-based Mitsubishi. I guess the Triton’s design will not differ too much from the Navara.

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were published in Road & Track a month ago, accompanying an article about the production IDXx that Nissan has green-lit.

Nissan IDxL

4, Dec 2013

I love the Nissan IDx concept and I hope it can enter production with limited change to its styling. And perhaps a 4-door version? Afterall there has been numerous rumours of Toyota making a 4-door GT86.

Is this the spiritual successor to the ASEAN AD Resort?

Nissan Altima Coupe

9, Jan 2013

The Sedan Altima’s just been replaced. Perhaps the Coupe variant will get replaced soon?

Nissan Sentra Coupe

2, Nov 2012

Before 1995, there was a coupe variant of the Sentra. But the coupe was dropped in favour of the Nissan 200SX reintroduction. So with Honda Civic Coupe and Kia Forte Coupe enjoying healthy sales in North America, will the Sentra Coupe return?

Nissan 370Z Roadster

12, Feb 2012

So the Nissan 370Z has just been given a facelift. I bet the roadster will get the same facelift too, soon.

Above is my entry for Mutant of The Year Photoshop Contest 26. The contest’s theme is choose a sports car or super car and make a shooting brake from it. The GT-R is a super car right? Now, many are going to hate this (and/or me), but it has actually grown on me.

While I rendered the Hindustan Ambassador (see yesterday’s post), I remember that a year ago, I rendered the profile of the booted Nissan March/Micra. And since I’ve already started on the Ambassador renderings, I decided to render the Nissan March/Micra sedans (again). I think I prefer these over the Versa/Sunny. A bit feminine though.

Hindustan Ambassador

19, Jul 2011

I’ve been asked quite a few times to render the new Ambassador. I’ve hesitated because the Ambassador is such an iconic car for India, as such I would not want to disappoint or offend my friends in India. But after much encouragement and persuasion, I gave it a try and these are the result. I […]