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Nissan Pulsar Wagon

26, Dec 2015

I am thinking, if this is even necessary, since Nissan already has the Qashqai and X-trail. Still that got me thinking how a wagon variant of the Pulsar might look.

BMW i5

28, Oct 2015

Just toying with the idea of a compact BMW i5, by grafting the i8’s nose onto the body of the Nissan IDS Concept.

Renault Alaskan

5, Oct 2015

Productionising the Renault Alaskan concept.

Nissan Fairlady

24, Jul 2015

And today I present to you my impression of the new Z. I don’t know to call this new generation of Nissan coupe 370Z or 390Z, so let’s call it Fairlady.

Nissan Leaf

16, Jul 2015

The existing Nissan Leaf is no beauty. I’m not expecting the new one to win any beauty contest either. Here’s my impression of the next leaf, a combination of the Murano and Pulsar.

Nissan Kwid

1, Jun 2015

Much like after Dacia launched the Duster, came the Renault version, then the Nissan rebadged (Terrano). Will it be the same with the Kwid? Will there eventually be a Nissan version too?

Images may not be re-posted without permission. These renderings were first seen in Autoblog a month ago for an article by Steven J. Ewing about ‘Nine cars we wish were convertibles’.

Nissan Maxima Coupe

15, Apr 2015

Initially I wanted to render both front and rear angle of the Maxima Coupe. But after I’ve completed the front, I gave up. I simply can’t modify the Maxima into a better looking coupe.

Under the recently revealed contract, Nissan NP300 Navara to spawn both Mercedes-Benz and Renault one-tonne pick-up trucks. I rendered this Mercedes-Benz pickup truck based on the official sketch of the truck by Mercedes-Benz. Do pardon the quality of chop as after travelling for a week, I got ill and been mostly resting in bed. I […]

Nissan March/Micra

19, Mar 2015

So it’s been reported that the Nissan Sway concept will enter production to replace the current March/Micra. Here I’ve turned the Sway concept into a more production friendly supermini.