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Perodua Compact Sedan

6, Jun 2012

There’s been more and more news of Perodua manufacturing considering to manufacture sedan. So I’m curious, which of my four Perodua sedan renderings do you prefer? Take part in the poll below! Which of these four do you prefer? Perodua Vios (main pic) Perodua Vois (left) Perodua MyVi Sedan (centre) Perodua Konsep SDN (right)

Perodua Myvi Sedan

30, Jun 2011

Another day, another Perodua Myvi rendering. This time the sedan variant. Haters, start hating. I do hope my friends here will appreciate that on the whole, it’s a decent (proportion) hatch-based sedan. Those with sharp eyes will notice the slimmer front bumper, slight revision to the grille, reduced ride height, and removal of the door window […]

According to What Car, Alfa Romeo will make seven all-new cars over the next four years. Among those new models, is the 5-door version of the Mito supermini. Guess Alfa Romeo wants to make sure Audi doesn’t dominate the premium mini segment with their forthcoming A1 Sportback (5-doors).

Alfa Romeo MiTo Spider

25, Oct 2009

Here’s my entry for Photoshop Contest 17. I didn’t know what to render out of the Alfa Romeo MiTo. And so I did another Spider, unlike the other one I did previously.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Spider

24, Jun 2009

Well, we have Mini Convertible and Fiat 500C, erhaps Alfa Romeo should make a Spider version of its MiTo.