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Toyota Passo Sedan

24, Apr 2016

Lazy this weekend, hence, a lazy rendering. Adding a trunk to the new Toyota Passo. Is this what the much-anticipated Perodua sedan might look?

I’m quite disappointed with these renderings actually. In fact I’m rather angry with how bad these renderings ended up looking. Judging by how the newer Perodua Axia and Myvi look, I believe Perodua will have a well-designed sedan for the market.

Perodua MyVi Facelift

18, Jan 2015

Perodua Alvi/Myza

24, Mar 2014

Been busy lately, so rendered only this bastard child of Alza and Myvi. Guess it’s a competitor for the Honda Freed.

Perodua Myvi

18, Nov 2013

What if the Buddyz Concept is a preview of the next Myvi and not a Perodua sedan?

Perodua Compact Sedan

6, Jun 2012

There’s been more and more news of Perodua manufacturing considering to manufacture sedan. So I’m curious, which of my four Perodua sedan renderings do you prefer? Take part in the poll below! Which of these four do you prefer? Perodua Vios (main pic) Perodua Vois (left) Perodua MyVi Sedan (centre) Perodua Konsep SDN (right)

Perodua Konsep SDN

10, Feb 2012

Read in Berita Harian Online that Perodua might start making sedan with engine capacity of 1.5 liter and above. This is my poor attempt in chopping the Perodua Konsep SDN (Concept Sedan) out of the Toyota Etios. Sadly there aren’t many decent pictures of the Etios to work from. After reading the Berita Harian article, […]

Aston Martin Mygnet

17, Jul 2011

Another mutant. This time, my Aston Martin Mygnet (Myvi + Cygnet) makes the cover of Wheels Weekly.

Perodua Myvi Sedan

30, Jun 2011

Another day, another Perodua Myvi rendering. This time the sedan variant. Haters, start hating. I do hope my friends here will appreciate that on the whole, it’s a decent (proportion) hatch-based sedan. Those with sharp eyes will notice the slimmer front bumper, slight revision to the grille, reduced ride height, and removal of the door window […]

Perodua MyVan

24, Jun 2011

These are my impression of the van variant of the Myvi. Above are the standard version, and below are the ‘Premium’ version. Besides removing the two (rear) side doors, the hatch’s loading lip is lowered too. The standard MyVan’s bumpers, side strips, door handles, trunk opening, and side mirror housing are not colour-coated. And on […]